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Miller Irrigation is committed to meeting your service needs with professionalism, quality and integrity.  Our well seasoned service techs can troubleshoot and repair any professional brand of irrigation product quickly and efficiently.  All of our technicians have, at a minimum, five years of service experience and are held to the highest standards of our industry.  Our employees arrive in logo-ed trucks wearing a Miller Irrigation uniform.  We are professional, safe and reliable.


Irrigation Yearly Maintenance Contract

Miller Irrigation offers a Yearly Maintenance Contract for your irrigation system in the fall of each year.  It is a discounted, bundled package of services, and includes a discounted labor rate should you need any repairs or improvements during the contract year.  We offer a variety of options to suit your maintenance needs.

For worry free maintenance, be sure to sign up for it in the fall when we send the contracts out and you will automatically be scheduled for your seasonal service in the appropriate time frame.

Click here for all of the details on our current contract valid through December 31, 2018.


They come out twice a year to adjust and fix any issues. They are always on time, friendly, and do great work all the way around. Its the one thing I never have to worry about. I know my irrigation system will work and do what its suppose to do since Miller Irrigation is on top of it.
— Gary P

About Your Backflow Device

PVB type backflow

PVB type backflow

This device is an important part of your irrigation system.  Backflow is a term in plumbing for an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction.  A properly working backflow device prevents contamination of our potable water supply.  

There are two types - a PVB style and an RPZ style.  The type installed at your property is dictated by code, and if it needs to replaced it will have to be replaced with the same type.

Backflow Testing  Virginia state law requires all underground lawn and garden irrigation systems have backflow prevention assemblies installed and routinely maintained.  Chesterfield County requires that they be tested each year.  Click here for a copy of their cross-connection control and backflow prevention program.  

Please contact us if you need to schedule an annual backflow test by our Certified Backflow Prevention Device Worker who is licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation board.  We perform the test, fill out all of the appropriate documentation and send it to the county on your behalf.

RPZ type backflow

RPZ type backflow

Protect Your Device   Until it is winterized AND after it's started up in early spring, IF your backflow is installed in an area that is not protected (such as a crawl space). You will need to protect it against sudden cold snaps ( when temperatures are forecast to dip below freezing for several consecutive hours).  This device is susceptible to freezing because it is piped above ground and is always pressurized with water (until it is winterized).  This device is unlike the other components of an irrigation system which are naturally insulated by the ground until much later in the winter season when temperatures are consistently below freezing.

Backflow Blanket  Miller Irrigation has been researching the market for reliable protection and is pleased to offer a rugged Backflow Blanket.  It is an insulated poly-fill core covering constructed with a 22 oz poly-vinyl cover that is UV resistant and waterproof.  Each seam is double sewn to seal out all weather elements and it comes with two brass grommets to secure the bag.  It has been tested for up to 10 hours in zero degree temperatures.  We will measure, fabricate and set in place - all for $225.00.

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