Miller Irrigation & Landscape Lighting is a full service irrigation, landscape lighting and drainage contractor in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area.  We constantly strive to provide the highest level of service and employ highly skilled and well-seasoned folks who have the same goals.   Contact us today to get started on your project.


Landscape Lighting


A well designed irrigation system is as crucial for a healthy lawn as it is for water conservation.  We will provide you with a professionally designed irrigation system that efficiently provides your landscape with the precise amount of water it needs.

Landscape lighting  is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space.  Bring beauty, safety and security to your home and landscape investment with a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system.

A properly designed drainage system can eliminate standing water around your home's foundation and landscape.  From foundation drains and sump pumps to French drains and catch basins, we can solve your drainage problems. 

Current Happenings

Irrigation Service - We are currently processing and scheduling our 2016/17 Yearly Irrigation Maintenance contracts.  Winterizations have begun and we will be performing them through December.  Our discounted bundled options offer expires on December 31st.  Contact Michelle at the service desk if you need further information.

Architectural & Landscape Lighting - Look for recent installations in Rivergate in Goochland and Hallsley in Midlothain.  Contact Lisa Constantino for more information, or to set up a demo for your home.