We Know Water

A well designed irrigation system is as crucial for healthy lawns and plant beds as it is for water conservation.  Miller Irrigation's Certified Irrigation Designer will provide you with a professionally designed irrigation system that efficiently provides your landscape with the precise amount of water it needs. 

Whether you're starting with a blank slate or re-designing your existing irrigation to accommodate a new patio or landscape plan, we have your solution.  Miller irrigation also has extensive knowledge of pump and well based systems, container irrigation, drip systems and cistern irrigation.

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The system was installed by a dedicated crew with the same fanatical attention to quality that Jim has built his successful business on. Not a single blade of grass gets missed because the planning was so well done. Really impressive company.

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Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are a great addition to any sprinkler system, and we include one in every new installation because it's the right thing to do.  They are wireless, making the installation simple, and can be extremely beneficial to your landscape and your wallet.  A rain sensor will interrupt your sprinkler system during or after sufficient rainfall.  They are adjustable from 1/8" to 3/4", have a manual override if needed, and can be retrofitted to most any sprinkler system.

The average 12 zone system will use approximately 3000 gallons of water per cycle*.   A rain sensor could save up to $10.00 per cycle.  If your sprinkler system was suspended for a week (M, W, F) you could save as much as $30.00 on your water bill! Rain sensors are a great way to conserve water and help our environment from unnecessary and harmful run off.  Contact us today to schedule your rain sensor installation.

*Typical 12 zone system = 3000 gallons per cycle.  Water billed at $2.25 per hundred cubic foot of water (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons).  3000 gallons ÷ 748 = 4.01 hundredths of cubic feet X $2.25 = $9.02 per cycle.