Low Voltage, High Impact

We can make your home and landscape look as beautiful and inviting at night as it does during the day with well designed, low voltage landscape lighting.  Our talented designers and installers will layer ambient lighting for beauty with task lighting for safety and security.  Low voltage lighting is safe and economical to use because it operates on a 12 volt system and uses one-third less energy to operate than an 120 volt system.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.


Layers of Light

Our lighting designer will use accent lights to highlight a garden or specimen trees, path-lights to illuminate walkways, and back-lights or moonlights to add depth to your landscape.  Up-lighting trees will accentuate the texture of tree trunks and bare branches in the winter months, and will create a pleasing glow on foliage during the spring and summer months.  Deck lights will set a lovely backdrop for entertaining.  Steps lights will be installed on the risers to provide safe footing and guide your way.  Wall mounted down-lights provide texture on stone walls or seat walls.

We Aim to Please

Jim was prompt in setting up demo, and he was spot-on with placement for aesthetics and functionality! My input was minimal, as he really has an eye for this. We agreed to proceed, and I can’t describe how great they look, except to say I LOVE MY LIGHTS! They are beautifully placed and provide such a warm, welcoming feeling when I come home from work everyday.