Irrigation Service FAQ's:

Q: Why is my system coming on the wrong time of day?



A: Check the time and day on the controller, it may need to be changed.

Q: Why is my controller screen blank?

A: Check to make sure there is power to the receptacle.  If it is tied into a GFI receptacle make sure to hit the reset button on the receptacle that the controller is plugged into.

Q: My sprinklers won't stop running even if I turn off my controller?

A: You will need to physically shut off the supply of water to the irrigation system.  The easiest place to do this is at your backflow device.  There are two straight handles on your backflow that run parallel to the piping of the device.  You will need to turn at least one of these handles a quarter turn so it is now perpendicular to the piping.  The most common cause for this is a failed valve.